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Actual photo of receiving warehouse in Guangzhou: relief supplies are continuously sent to Türkiye
2023-02-17 17:11

Source: Tianmu News Intern Journalist Gao Yaya


"On the evening of February 7, we received the entrustment from the Türkiye Embassy in China, and the rescue materials were delivered to our warehouse in the morning of February 8." On February 13, Zeng Jichang, assistant general manager of Guangzhou Xiyang Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiyang Logistics"), introduced to the Tianmu News reporter.

On February 6, a strong earthquake in southern Türkiye near the Syrian border touched the hearts of people all over the world. As an enterprise in Guangzhou that connects rescue supplies, Xiyang Logistics is responsible for receiving and transporting aid materials from Guangzhou and surrounding areas. As of the evening of February 12th, Xiyang Logistics has received 200 tons and 1200 cubic meters of aid materials.

The reporter saw on site that the warehouse was filled with donated love goods from various sectors of society, with heartwarming slogans such as "mountains and rivers are different, the wind and moon are the same day" and "the world is a big family" pasted on them.

Zeng Jichang said that they have set aside two or three thousand square meters of warehouses to store materials. Up to now, Xiyang Logistics has delivered four batches of aid materials to the capital of Türkiye, Istanbul.

It is truly touching that all sectors of society are willing to give a share of love, "Zeng Jichang said. Currently, there is still a steady stream of love goods being sent to the warehouse, and they are accelerating packaging and transportation.

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